Major Benefits of Auto Recycling

- Promotes the 3 R's of Recycling "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".
- Consumers are purchasing Recycled Original Equipment (OE).
- Recycled Genuine parts are the same parts that they are replacing.
- Save 40 - 70% off the price of new parts.
- Most parts come with a warranty (30 Days to Lifetime). Always ask about the warranty before purchase.
- Provides local employment and tax revenue.
- Reduces the need for new parts thus reducing the demand on scarce natural resources.
- Professional Auto Recyclers reclaim valuable resources from the vehicles like oil, ethylene glycol,
precious metals found in catalytic converters, Freon, gas, tires, and mercury.
- Professional Auto Recyclers use sophisticated computer and satellite communication systems to procure vehicles,
inventory parts, locate parts nationwide, and provide excellent customer service.
- Most Auto Recycling companies are family owned and employ 10 or fewer employees.

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